Where to buy hand sanitiser in Australia

At times when water and soap aren’t readily available, alcohol-based hand sanitiser is the best way to protect your hands from disease-causing microbes.

With COVID-19 officially a global health crisis, bottles of all types of hand sanitiser have been scarce and highly sought after. Shoppers now consider themselves lucky if they come across some. Fortunately, distilleries and breweries around world have temporarily swapped batches of gin, vodka and whisky to hand sanitiser. So where do you find some? We’ve put together a list of where you can purchase some in Australia.

Please note: the WHO advises that there must be a minimum of 60% alcohol in the hand sanitiser mix to effectively kill COVID-19.

Quick Comparison List

WhoPrice Volume
Hartshorn Distillery$30500$665
Archie Rose Distilling Co.$20500$465
Four Pillars$401,000$480
Brix Distillers$282x 200$770
Mr Black$19.95500$470
NED Whisky$204x 100$565
Granddad Jacks$12.50 250$580
St.Ali Coffee Roasters$30500$675
Rescue Brand$20920x 500$2.0970
Karst Stone Paper$22500$4.4070
Grown Alchemist$55500$1170
Cape Byron$14.99500$370
Third Drawer Down$25500$575

Archie Rose Distilling Co. 

Sydney-based distillery Archie Rose have reallocated much of their spirit production capacity to help with the nationwide shortage of good quality hand sanitiser. Formulated according to World Health Organisation guidelines, the consumer-grade 65% alcohol hand sanitiser comes in a 500ml bottle with varying botanical distillates from batch to batch, using the same 100% natural stock as they use for their gin production. Each pre-sale order is dispatched a minimum of two to three weeks from purchase.

Buy: Archie Rose Hand Sanitiser

Hartshorn Distillery

This Tasmania micro-distillery may be most known for turning sheep’s whey into Vodka, but in the current climate, it’s hand sanitiser that is flying off their digital shelves. Filling a beautifully designed, hand-painted 500ml bottle, this specially made Sheep Whey Hand Sanitiser has been infused with lemon myrtle for a bit of distinction, and made with 68% alcohol.

Buy: Sheep Whey Hand Sanitiser

Four Pillars

Australian gin icons Four Pillars are getting involved with the current climate by taking the heads and tails of their distillates and concentrating them towards hand sanitiser production. Logically dubbed Heads, Tails and Clean Hands, the sanitiser contains 80% ethyl alcohol, is made to the WHO guidelines, and is contained in 1L bottles which had previously been designed for the duty free market. 

Buy: Four Pillars Hand Sanitiser

Brix Distillers

Brix has been producing some of the most in-demand liquid hand sanitiser out of their Surry Hills based distillery. A swift increase in demand means that you’ll only be able to order a maximum of two refill packs per person for delivery, each 200ml bottle made to a high-standard with 70% ethanol being the active ingredient. 

Buy: Brix Distillers Hand Sanitiser

Mr Black

Produced in collaboration with Distillery Botanica, Mr Black’s “Love Thy Neighbour” Hand Sanitiser is made to a navy-strength WHO recipe and comes with a whopping 80% ABV in a 500ml bottle. The batches have been swiftly selling out, but Mr Black are maintaining consistent production, as well as selling their recipe alongside half-litre refill packs. 

Buy: Mr Black Hand Sanitiser


Well known for their mixed grain Australia whisky, this Campbellfield, Victoria facility has pivoted to producing bottles of ‘NED Sanitiser’ for sale in four-packs of 100ml bottles from their website. Containing 65% of ethanol and bottled as a liquid, this sanitiser can be ordered to a maximum of three four-packs, but can also be purchased in larger quantities for commercial or business use. 

Buy: NED Hand Sanitiser

Rescue Brand

A brand born from the Covid-19 crisis, Rescue has brought together a team of various experts to start production on medical-grade hand sanitiser and event antibacterial wipes. Available online, their 500ml hand sanitiser is available by packs of 20, made to a recipe with 70-80& ethanol and other ingredients like orange oil, lime oil, citral, and lemon terpenes. 

Buy: Rescue Brand Hand Sanitiser

Granddad Jack’s

On their ninth release of 250ml hand sanitiser, this Gold Coast based craft distillery is offering an 80% ethanol and glycerol sanitiser made with lemon myrtle, grapefruit and rose hip. The extra-strength recipe is vegan friendly and can be ordered online, with a limit of 2 bottles per person. They’re also offering 1L spray hand sanitiser and 100ml bottles. 

Buy: Granddad Jack’s Hand Sanitiser

St.Ali Coffee Roasters

One of Melbourne’s most beloved roasters has made the move to hand sanitiser, with a recipe that produces bottles of either 250ml or 500ml at more than 75% alcohol. Made to WHO standards, the high strength sanitiser contains ethanol, glycerol and hydrogen peroxide. But note that because of the high strength, shipping to PO boxes isn’t possible. 

Buy: St.Ali Hand Sanitiser

Karst Stone Paper

For as long as COVID-19 remains a global problem, Karst has promised to continue their efforts making WHO standard hand sanitiser. Made with 70% alcohol and hand-soothing aloe vera, these 500ml bottles are being offered online with a limit of 6 per person.

Buy: Karst Stone Paper Hand Sanitiser


Iconic Australian skincare brand Aesop is offering this non-drying, alcohol-based hand sanitiser formulated with purifying and hydrating properties. Available in either 50ml or 500ml recycled PET bottles, the recipe has been made with mandarin rind, rosemary leaf and cedar atlas for distinctive aromas described as citrus, woody and herbaceous. 

Buy: Aesop Hand Sanitiser

Grown Alchemist

As a reliable Australian skincare brand, Grown Alchemist is well-placed to begin production on their non-drying, antiseptic gel hand sanitiser which is formulated with 70% ethyl alcohol that has been extracted from cane sugars. Combining this with hyaluronan and antioxidants ensures this sanitiser, sold in 500ml bottles, is able to also hydrate and protect hands from being stripped of moisture. 

Buy: Grown Alchemist Hand Sanitiser


Coming from a progressive Australian brand born as a response to single-use plastic, Memo Bottle hand sanitiser combines stunning design, a playful name, and a high-quality recipe. Coming in a 375ml A6 bottle (that can be reused as a drink bottle after a thorough clean), this hand sanitiser contains 70% alcohol and comes in packaging made from rice, potatoes and corn derivatives blended with a fully compostable copolymer

Buy: Memobottle Hand Sanitiser

Cape Byron

Co-founder of Cape Byron Distillery Pamela Brook B.D. Sc MBA has formulated this special Brookie’s Hand & Surface sanitiser using all-natural ingredients including by-products of their signature gin, UV and charcoal filtered Mt Warning spring water, vegetable glycerine, aloe vera and citrus oil. The recipe results in 70% liquid hand sanitiser in recyclable 500ml bottles. Do note that, like others, they cannot provide a spray or pump so the liquid must be decanted into a clean, reusable squirt or spray bottle. 

Buy: Cape Byron Brookie’s Hand Sanitiser

Third Drawer Down

Melbourne-based design shop Third Drawer Down have created an entire series of artful bottles in a collaboration with ZEEP. Artists David Shirgley and Magda Archer have handled the colourful works that adorn any of these 12 bottles, each containing high-strength 75% alcohol sanitiser, well beyond the minimum recommended by WHO.

Buy: Third Drawer Down Hand Sanitiser

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